Our Mission

Square One Yoga was created with the focus of small group classes in mind. A perfect place for beginners and intermediate yogi's to strengthen their bodies and minds and grow within their practice.

Our name was founded on the theory that we never step onto our yoga mat's with the same body twice. I have heard this quote many times and it always seems to ring true. Whether it be something small or large, physical or mental, we must always honor where we are at in the present moment. No dwelling on the fact that yesterday we could touch our toes and today we can't, because who knows where we will be tomorrow.

Through the means of creative classes we focus on core stability and alignment, as we believe these are the building blocks to a fantastic yoga practice and being able to live a healthy, pain free life.

The combination of body to breath movement in yoga helps us to calm down our nervous systems, aiding in relief from day to day stress, anxiety and depression (much research has been conducted, click here for one of the many articles). This in turn creates a better, healthier functioning body and mind!

If high intensity isn't your thing or you need low impact but still want the results, we invite you to join one of our classes today.

We always aim to be our true raw selves at Square One Yoga, we just ask that you do too. Don't feed yourself any more excuses about not being flexible, not having balance - nothing is out of your reach.