Adrianna Faye

Hello, my name is Adrianna and welcome to Square One Yoga.

I started this studio to help share my love of yoga with the world..

My passion and mission is to make yoga accessible to everybody!

I don;t want you feeling lost, left behind or unable to participate in our classes and that is why i keep our classes small and intimate.

Our studio is a safe place to learn and grow within yourself and within your yoga practice.

I have been practicing yoga myself for about 9 years now and have found its a practice that just keeps on giving.  Unfortunately, too often i see beginners head into a large, power flow style class and get left behind. If this has happened to you, or scared you off a yoga practice, I urge you to try a class with us!

I hold a 350YTT certificate obtained at the Australian Yoga Academy and am up to date First Aid trained.

I want to share not only the physcial benefits of yoga with you all but also the mental and spiritual benefits that come with consistent practice.

I was drawn to yoga in my late teens and it has been a tool that has helped me greatly throughout my life. As a sufferer of anxiety, depression and body image issues i have found the practice has helped me greatly in the maintenance of these issues. For me, having a regular practice has kept me healthy both mentally and physcially ever since i began.

Allow me to help you begin your yoga journey...