Table Top, Reverse Push Up, Baby Cobra (Transition Series)

This is our first blog in our new 'Transition Series', aiming to build strength and alignment through our most common right through to our most difficult flows.

Today we will focus on the transition from Table Top, down to the mat via Reverse Push Up, and through to our Baby Cobra.

Table Top:

Stack joints, shoulders over wrists, knees under hips.

Upper arms inwards.

Drawing the shoulder-blades down the spine.

Exhale draws the core tightly to the spine

Table Top:

If the core or arms are weak, i encourage you to stay in your table top position for at least 10 rounds of breath a day.

The weight bearing through the arms will build strength and stability.

With each inhale allow the belly to open and each exhale compress the core to spine as seen in the above picture.

Reverse Push Up:

Elbows in and back by the ribs.

Core drawn in.

Lower the chest and chin towards the mat first (as shown in picture, DO NOT let the belly dip first).

Then scoop forwards so the body is flat on the mat.

Baby Cobra:

Tops of feet press into the mat.

Shoulders back.

Chest lifts.

The lift is coming from the engagement in the muscles of the back body.

Below is a video demonstration, with instructions so you can have a clear visual of the process:

Get practicing Yogi's!

Build up those arms and abs for smoother transitions in every class.

For the most benefit in your yoga practice we recommend practicing at least 3 times a week, preferably at least 2 times a week under the guidance of a qualified teacher.



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