What makes our classes a safe place for beginners?

Perhaps you have always wanted to try yoga, but something keeps scaring you off.

'I can't touch my toes'

'I'm not flexible enough'

'Yoga is for women'

'I'm not co-ordinated enough'

'I have an injury'

These are just some of the things I hear when people tell me they want to start Yoga but...

The thing is, there is always going to be a 'but', not just with Yoga but with most things in life.

We all start somewhere and at Square One Yoga we want you all to know that we were once in your position also.

We have created a safe place where we encourage slow and steady growth. With class sizes that MAX at 8 people you will get the individual attention you may need. We will work with you to adjust any postures that just don't work with your body and hopefully we can encourage you all to love the body you came with.

Through strategic class planning we are able to help you safely gain flexibility in your muscles while also creating strength and stability to support your spine and bones. We always 'layer' our postures when we teach them - that means that there will be levels within each posture to make it accessible to all of you, and remember NO-ONE is judging what option you take, we're all too busy concentrating on our own postures.

We can't promise that everyone will love yoga, but we can promise that you can do it - no matter your flexibility, injury, gender etc.

So if you have been looking for somewhere to try, Adrianna Faye's teaching has a strong focus on beginners. She will help you and guide you to a point where you feel comfortable in your practice.

You can try your first class at Square One Yoga for only $10 and ALL classes are suitable for you to join in on!

Contact us at Adrianna@squareoneyoga.org

or message 0425828850 to book your class!

Namaste Yogis and Yogis to be!