$30 Weekly Direct Debit Unlimited Yoga at Square One Yoga

Terms and Conditions

  • This membership is $30p/w for a minimum term of 3mths/12wks and will be direct debited from your account by Square Up on behalf of Square One Yoga.

  • Attend as many classes a week as you desire, with NO LIMIT.

  • Please note we still require a 6hr minimum cancellation period

  • Initial membership is a minimum term of 3mths, during this there is no cancellation or deferring/holding of your payments

  • After 3months you can cancel at any time

  • After 3months you are entitled to 4 weeks of deferred payments over the course of 12months. This means you can pop your membership on hold during holidays!

  • We will never charge you if the studio is on leave – like over xmas break for example. Payments will automatically hold during these periods.

  • This membership does not include workshops, but will give you a members discount

  • If you fail to comply with our 6hr cancellation policy, normal cancellation prices apply.

  • If payment doesn’t go through, you will be unable to book/attend classes until it is rectified.

  • Please ensure the direct debit is set up correctly, I will guide you through the set-up process on completion of sign up in studio.